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Cremated Remains Become Living Underwater Memorial Reefs

Become part of our oceanic eco-system. Have you ever imagined what becomes of people’s ashes once they are released? For the ashes given to Memorial Reefs International, they go on to become part of our oceanic eco-system. Ashes of loved ones are fashioned together with concrete and other organisms to create a living reef. There…
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Dive Computers for Demanding Divers

Teric Dive Computers from By The Shore SCUBA When diving for extensive periods of time in unfamiliar areas, divers should take a dive computer with them. Diving sources recommend always having a computer on hand to prevent decompression sickness and other dangerous conditions. Thanks to the diving technology today divers can get the most out…
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Discover SCUBA with By The Shore SCUBA Instuction

PADI DSD or Discover SCUBA with By The Shore SCUBA Instruction Well, a couple of weeks ago we did the following discover scuba with 19 possible divers. A discover SCUBA allows you to try scuba and see if you like it. What a get time we had. Check out the happy group with By the…
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PADI Technical Diving and Different Mixtures

Did you want to take Open Water diving from a PADI authorized instructor?  You can dive to 18M.  (That’s 60 feet.) How about Advanced Open Water, also from PADI?  You get to 30M – or 100 actual real feet. What does the advanced class consist of? For Advanced Open Water Diver, student divers meet performance…
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