How Do I get SCUBA Certified?

How Do I get SCUBA Certified?

Whatever your reason for certification, By The Shore Scuba Instruction offers a variety of courses from the beginner’s course to more advanced add-on modules. The requirements for a first-time scuba diver may vary from other courses. Starting off with a beginner’s certification is the first step. Afterwards, you can add on as many modules as you like.

Being prepared financially, logistically, and medically are key to maximized success and efficiency for your open water course. Here are the important things to keep in mind when preparing for your beginning open water course.

  • Be prepared to commit to time-intensive intervals. By The Shore Scuba offers 3 weeks, twice a week, 3 hours a day, and a full weekend for the standard classes. This means you will have to set time aside. Discuss timing options with the instructor to see the if there is any flexibility. By the Shore Scuba offers private and online options for those who struggle to make it to their classroom locations.
  • Check the class schedules and locations in advance. By The Shore Scuba Instruction changes the facility depending on the type of instruction. Don’t miss a class.
  • Check up with your doctor on any medical conditions you may have. Make sure that your body is prepared to undertake the pressure and intensity of diving. It is not ideal for those who have severe heart problems or conditions that interfere with blood pressure. With your medical professional’s guidance, you can decide whether your body is able to withstand diving. Getting in physical shape beforehand is also wise so that you can maximize your diving potential.
  • Prepare all your paperwork beforehand. Paperwork can be as simple as your liability forms to harder to locate items like your passport. Make a list and check-in with the instructor for all necessary documents. By The Shore Instruction offers a list on their website under the Beginner’s course page.
  • Check to see if meals are offered or not. Usually you are responsible for your meals, transportation, and lodging.
  • Check to see what equipment is required. Don’t buy anything unless your instructor tells you implicitly to purchase it. Sometimes instructors would rather you wait until after the first course, so they know your specific needs. If you already have equipment bring it with you to your first class so the instructor can determine if the quality is right. By The Shore Scuba Instruction asks students to bring simple reef gloves to the first course but prefers students to wait until after their first class to make any purchases. This also ensures that the equipment you have is currently serviced and PADI approved.
  • See what the instructor provides. Some instructors offer the oxygen in the cost of the class. By the Shore Scuba Instruction offers air and some other safety equipment. They also recommend additional equipment on their site. If interested read under the Beginner’s course webpage.
  • Meet the instructor before calling and scheduling any courses. If you live a good distance from the diving instructor reach out to them for a phone call or skype session depending on the circumstances. If you live nearby, visiting their business or meeting up with them may be a good way to determine if you are ready for the time, commitment, and if you can see yourself succeeding in their class. Building trust with the instructor will ensure you make the right decision if you choose to go forward with your Scuba certification.
  • You are going to need certain equipment to reach your certification. You will have your personal gear which include snorkel, mask, fins, wetsuit, and gloves. Then you will have safety-based gear which includes buoyancy control device, regulator, dive computer, and tank. Some of this may be provided by the instructor, but you may be required to purchase all these items. It is possible that you will need to find a specific buoyancy control device to fit your body type or specialty dive.

If you are getting a certification for wrecks, caves, reefs, or anything other than open water check in with your local instructor (ideally By The Shore Scuba Instruction) and ensure that your goals are met with the best module. By The Shore Scuba Instruction offers a variety of add-on modules and specialties including fish identification. We offer wedding vow renewals, vacations, and equipment as well. Whatever your interests start off with a basic certification and then let your instructor guide you to the next level.

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