Class Certification Requirements

This is a list of the requirements for certifications levels.

  • Open Water
    •  Class consist of Classroom and Pools and 4 open water dives
    • The Classroom is 5 classrooms modules combined or separate or can be customized.
    • Pools are 5 modules as well but is performance based
    • Open water is 4 dives over 2 days or 3 dives one day and 1 the next.
    • See the staff talking about open water classes below
    • Click here for YouTube video
  • Advanced Open Water
  • Rescue
  • Dive master
  • Master SCUBA diver
  • Assistant Instructor
  • Specialties
    • Wreck Diver
    • Deep Diver
    • Fish Identification
    • Coral Reef Identification
    • Boat Diver
    • Marine Biology
    • Night Diver
    • Drift Diver
    • Dry Suit Diver
    • Nitrox or Enriched Air Diver

Contact Kevin Alexander at [email protected] or 919-247-0356 for more information.

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