EFR CPR – First Aid Certification

EFR-Logo-Red-thumbRecent world events have proven that the ability to manage medical emergencies is critical
when disaster strikes and emergency services are overwhelmed or nonexistent. Now you
can get prepared to save the lives of your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors by taking Emergency First Response CPR and first aid courses. We’ll give you the confidence to respond when emergencies arise.

There has never been a better time to get CPR and first aid training. Contact your  Emergency First Response Instructor today.

At: For time and Class schedules 919-247-0356 or email scubainfo@scubadivingraleigh.com


NEW ACCREDITATION’S For Emergency First Responder

1.AUSTSWIM, Australia
2.Dept of Education and Training WA, Australia

4.Queensland Department of Communities
5.Transport Canada (Press release coming soon)
6.Alaska Department of Health and Social Services
7.United States Coast Guard
8.New Mexico Department of Health
9.California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
10.Northwest (UK) SureStart Care for Children Approval
11.Maryland Institute for Emergency Services Systems Letter
12.Vocational Training in Australia: Apply First Aid
13.State of New York Department of Health
14.Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Social Services
15.Sport For All – Korea Handball Federation
16.Yacht N Company, Korea
17.Philippine Heart Association Council on CPR*:

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