Beginners Level Diving Certification

Carlos-SCUBA-Diving-underwaterOpen Water Class Certification Information
with By The Shore SCUBA – Kevin Alexander

I. General Information:

a. Where: 7908 Kingsland Dr Raleigh NC 27613

b. When:  Call, By the Shore for Current Schedules: 919-247-0356 or  [email protected]

c. Map Enclosed for pool and class locations Appendix A or Open Water location

d. We have different Class options but standard Classes lasts 3 weeks and one full weekend Approx 4 hours each day. The class meets twice a week for 3 hours a session. The six meetings consist of 3 pool sessions approx three hours and 3 classroom sessions. Other class options are available as well ie.  (weekend, Private, online course options as well).  Please call 919-247-0356 for these options

e. By The Shore provides all life support  (regulator, Consoles, Buoyancy Control Devices, Tanks, Air during pool sessions, weights, weight belts, compass, text books, dive tables, personal Identification card (c-Card)

II. Preparation:

1. All liability and Medical forms filled out

2. All fees paid in full

3. Two Pictures turned in to your instructor (passport size) or electronic JPG file

4. Loan/rental agreement filled out and signed

5. Reef gloves or other form of hand protection

III. Must haves to participate in Open Water:

1.  The Air for the OPen water dives is included as part of the open water Fee.

2.  Student must provide transportation to and from Open Water, meals.

3.  Personal Equipment: mask, snorkel, fins. Do not buy any equipment until after first class session, in order to discuss whether the equipment is of acceptable quality!


1. Dive Knife — As a major piece of divers equipment this gear is recommended to have, to start becoming aware of its use and positioning. Required for Advanced Open Water!

2. Compass — This piece of open water gear will be furnished to you as a student in the Open water Class, however, it is required to have a compass in the Advanced class.

3. Slate — A piece of dive gear, once owned, you’ll use many times for both safety and fun reasons.

4. Safety Tube -- require for most dive off the coast of north Carolina

The above is recommended, not required, course items.

OPEN WATER EQUIPMENT POLICY: any student intending to use life support equipment at the open water experience that is not By The Shore’s must bring that equipment to By The Shore for inspection beforehand. Regulators and tanks must have current servicing and all equipment must meet all PADI and By The Shore’s safety requirements. Malfunction of any equipment other than By The Shore’s at open water will result in the student having to return on another scheduled open water weekend to fulfill requirements.

Call us at 919-247-0356 for additional information or email [email protected]

7908 Kingsland Dr Raleigh NC 27613


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