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Preparing for a deep open-water dive

If you are a recreational PADI diver, you might have already experienced the thrill of diving in different environments, such as coral reefs, wrecks, or caves. But have you ever wondered what lies beyond the 18-meter (60-foot) mark? If you are curious about the deep blue, you might want to try a deep open-water dive.…
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The Controversies of Children SCUBA Diving

Scuba diving is an activity that amazes and opens up a whole new world of adventure, discovery, and wonder for anyone who tries it. But is it safe for kids? At what age should children be allowed to dive? And what are the benefits and risks of scuba diving for young people? These are some…
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Dive in these Forbidden Locations at your Own Risk!

The forbidden has always appealed to our sub-nature. For divers, our adventurous spirit may find its way toward the road less traveled. These locations are alluring, beautiful, and possibly lethal. Take our advice, and dive into these forbidden locations at your own risk!  The Blue Hole of Dahab Located in the Red Sea, this infamous…
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