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What is a Safe CO2 Level in Our SCUBA Tank Breathing Air?

scuba compressed air tank on boat. Ready for diving. When discussing SCUBA tank breathing air, people typically focus on oxygen levels for their tanks. The amount of carbon dioxide in your SCUBA tank is something divers should consider as well. Depending on the depth or location of the dive your oxygen and carbon dioxide levels…
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Three New Marine Species Discovered 2022

This year divers have been able to get out more than usual. While there have been frequent discoveries of marine species, our oceans have been allowed to refresh, and animals have emerged from places we never imagined. The SCUBA community has been fortunate enough to participate in these recent discoveries of aquatic species. Wait till…
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Why You Need a Perdix 2 Dive Computer from Shearwater

The Perdix 2 dive computer, a cutting-edge computer with attachable components, sleek design, and reliable strength, is a must for the serious diver. The diving community trusts Shearwater products because of their numerous awards and certifications, such as their Teric lithium Battery certification and their Eurotek 2014 award for innovation. The dive watch company has…
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How to Find the Correct SCUBA Dive Watch

closeup watch for diver with orange dial Diving watches can range in price from $100,000 range to $25. This huge price difference leaves new PADI divers wondering how much they need to invest in a diving watch. Ratings on Amazon are not a determining factor since many people who purchase dive watches are not necessarily…
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Surviving a Shark Attack While Cage Diving

Great White shark while coming to you on deep blue ocean background Have you ever dared to cage dive with the Great White off the coast of South Africa or even in the Bahamas with the Caribbean Reef Shark? Most divers have never been on a cage dive with sharks, but the few who have…
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