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Exercises That Help Your SCUBA Diving

Scuba exercises SCUBA diving requires training for fitness as well as for safety. The buoyancy control device helps you to sink or float depending on your needs, but you always need to be prepared physically for any situation. SCUBA gear can weigh up to 50+lbs. The tank generally is 32 lbs with 15 lb equipment…
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Cremated Remains Become Living Underwater Memorial Reefs

Become part of our oceanic eco-system. Have you ever imagined what becomes of people’s ashes once they are released? For the ashes given to Memorial Reefs International, they go on to become part of our oceanic eco-system. Ashes of loved ones are fashioned together with concrete and other organisms to create a living reef. There…
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Does your Scuba Certification ever Expire?

Does your Scuba Certification ever Expire? Basic PADI scuba certifications for open water dives are given by scuba instructors such as By The Shore Scuba Instruction where you are enrolled in a scuba instruction course and you learn all the important modules to turn Scuba dives into a lifelong skill or potentially a career. The…
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What SCUBA Gear Should I Buy First?

SCUBA Diving Equipment You are interested in taking Scuba diving lessons, but where do you start? Let’s first start by saying if you are reading this article you are probably considering By the Shore SCUBA Instruction. Next, you are probably ready to buy your scuba equipment. For a basic PADI open water diver course you…
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