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Why Diving in Greenland is a Bucket List Must

When people think about their diving bucket list, the Great Barrier Reef, Cancun, and the Bahamas usually come to mind. While these tropical paradises are a dream come true, the curious diver may find an unlikely fantasy come-to-life diving in Greenland.  Many people believe that Greenland is green, but this body of land is mostly…
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7 Beautiful and Unique Swimming Holes for SCUBA Diving

There are places where brave divers dare to dive. Secret swimming holes and springs throughout the Western Hemisphere have drawn attention on the internet and are part of the integral gems that make up the natural world. Here are some secret swimming holes you might want to explore. Aztec Falls Located in California's San Bernardino…
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6 Beautiful Locations to SCUBA Dive through the Ice

Have you ever fantasized about diving below the surface of the Arctic Ocean or swimming amongst the icebergs? The open ocean seems vast, mysterious, and dangerous. Diving in Polar regions seems impossible, and the dark waters seem lifeless once macro life has passed through. However, macro life is not the only form that passes through…
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How Can I Dive or Swim with the Orcas?

An orca swims below the surface as a ship cuts through the ice nearby.           Diving with sea creatures is the dream of many divers. SCUBA diving enables us to explore reefs and swim through the open ocean with sea creatures. Swimming with dolphins is exciting for many certified divers. Some divers…
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