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The Beauty of Wreck Diving

Lots of divers are considering moving past open-water dives. If you are interested in dive excursions differing from your usual dives, consider wreck diving. Wreck diving allows you to uncover the history, mystery, and beauty of sunken ships, planes, cars, and other structures. Wreck diving can also be challenging and rewarding, as you apply your…
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How SCUBA Diving Can Pioneer Trash and Environmental Efforts

If you love diving and care about the environment, you might be interested in joining a group of scuba divers who are on a mission to collect undersea litter in New York City. These divers are not only enjoying the beauty and diversity of marine life but also helping to undo some of the damage…
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Preparing for a deep open-water dive

If you are a recreational PADI diver, you might have already experienced the thrill of diving in different environments, such as coral reefs, wrecks, or caves. But have you ever wondered what lies beyond the 18-meter (60-foot) mark? If you are curious about the deep blue, you might want to try a deep open-water dive.…
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Difference Between SCUBA Diving in Freshwater and Saltwater

  SCUBA diving enables divers to encounter the distinct geography, marine life, and habitat below the water's surface. Both freshwater and saltwater SCUBA diving can present unique challenges and sensations. Do you have trouble deciding where to dive first? Here is the difference between SCUBA diving in freshwater and saltwater. SCUBA Diving in Freshwater Freshwater…
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