Underwater Wedding (SCUBA Diving Wedding and Vow-renewals)

Bride and groom kissing underwater wedding diving red flowers

Looking for a special way to get married or renew your vows with a special someone? Now-a-days underwater weddings are the coolest way to tie the knot. Some couples opt for a quick dip in clear blue waters to finalize their commitment to one another. If you want to fully immerse yourself in the moment get your scuba gear together and check out opportunities on By The Shore Scuba Instruction for a wedding beyond your wildest dreams. We include all the services as well as a Honeymoon package.

Here are some questions you and your partner need to ask before being submersed into this newfound commitment.

  • Do you have a specific officiant in mind? If you have a specific officiant in mind for the ceremony discuss his willingness to certify in PADI. Depending on your beliefs or the officiant’s willingness you may want to connect with officiants who specialize in underwater weddings. You can also use individuals who work with the scuba instruction company or with the resort.
  • How many people do you want to invite? Do you want the guests to participate in the submersion or do you want them onshore? You and your significant other may be hard set on having guests at the wedding. You will need to add up the expenses or offer options to your guests to join your submersion. If the guests are waiting for your commitment aboard a boat you will not need certifications, but if you are set on taking a group under the ocean consider group instruction for PADI certifications. Group certification usually costs less per person but offering optional dives to your guests may allow others to contribute to their role. A tasteful way to ask is to gather close friends and family together and discuss the option after you invite them to the wedding. The best way to enjoy the wedding with loved ones is to hold a party on board or at a separate location while you, your spouse, and a best man and/or bridesmaid go for the dive. Consider an underwater photographer, videographer, or clip-on camera to solidify this once in a lifetime event. By The Shore Scuba Instruction provides Tornado Video cameras for these occasions as well.
  • Audio underwater? When making commitments that will last forever, communication is a must. There are underwater masks that include communication devices. There are also clip-on devices designed for underwater use. If you are concerned about filming audio you will want to consider dubbing audio recordings once you are out of the water. The complexity of placing a recording device directly in your mask has not been vastly explored. You want to ensure that no battery explosions or leaks occur in your mask while you are underwater. Speak with our instructor to see your options. You can communicate underwater with a face mask and you can dub voice-overs on land once the ceremony is complete. A creative option for the underwater film is to include underwater audio. There are many underwater audio devices designed to pick up the ocean’s ambiance. Even if you must re-record your vows you can include ambiance. There is nothing more magical than a whale or school of fish passing in the distance. Speak with By The Shore Scuba Instruction so they can help you pick out the right devices.
  • Get your passports ready, chart your boat, and pull together your guest list. Don’t forget your dress. Remember that your dress can affect your buoyancy. Test the dress with your scuba gear on ahead of time. You and your significant other need clothing that is lightweight under the sea. Speak with your instructor. They will be able to recommend the appropriate attire if your heart is set on traditional clothing. Also be open to wearing white suites or a tux bodysuit if you feel the formal attire is too cumbersome.

Vow renewal and weddings are probably some of the most memorable times in your life. Make the most of it with underwater ceremonies provided with By The Shore Scuba Instruction. Call us at 919-247-0356 or email us at scubainfor@scubadivingraleigh.com

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