Cremated Remains Become Living Underwater Memorial Reefs

Become part of our oceanic eco-system.

Have you ever imagined what becomes of people’s ashes once they are released? For the ashes given to Memorial Reefs International, they go on to become part of our oceanic eco-system. Ashes of loved ones are fashioned together with concrete and other organisms to create a living reef.

There are quite a few benefits to consider when deciding whether the ashes of a loved one will become a memorial reef.

  • The ashes provide life and nutrients to areas that have been destroyed by fishing industries. The underwater reefs bring vitality back to the oceanic floor and will help foster growth. Memorial Reefs International have gone back to memorials 6 months or so later to find vibrant plant, algae, and fish life attached to the reef.
  • You can add up to a family of four to one reef. Memorial Reefs International also has pricing for a couple together on one reef. This is especially ideal for a family who wishes to keep their parents, a couple or a set of inseparable twins together.
  • You can choose from a variety of beautiful coastal communities around the world to place your wreath. Memorial Reefs International offers 3,000 locations in 70 countries across the world.
  • You can visit the reefs just like you would a grave. You can schedule a tour with a scuba charter. Feel free to ask By the Shore Scuba Instruction if we are scheduling certain tours or if we would be willing to accommodate your visit.
  • Memorial Reef International is around half the cost of traditional funerals. Most funerals are around 11,000 where the reef memorials cost about half the amount.
  • You can finance the payment. Funerals are never easy especially when your loved ones leave little money behind to cover the funeral expenses. With the financing program your family can focus of the grieving process instead of worrying about pulling money together last minute for a funeral .
  • The reef has a bronze plaque available upon selection of your reef. You can set the reef up to look like a headstone.

Here are some of the spectacular locations you can chose from to cremate your loved one.

  • Slicer Memorial Reef in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico showcases traditional Mayan culture with a turquoise ocean. It’s vivid and brings a colorful atmosphere to cherish your loved one’s ashes.
  • Venice Memorial Reef offers a romantic ancient ruin for your loved one’s ashes. For those who appreciate historical religious settings Venice is ideal for you. It’s lack of coral makes it the ideal candidate for the memorial reef.
  • There are locations throughout the United States if you wish to keep your loved one’s remains close to home.

The organization offers opportunities for businesses and individuals to become involved in the cremation community.

  • Funeral homes and can partner up with Memorial Reef International in order to ensure patrons have everything they need before saying goodbye to their loved one.
  • You can personally receive a kit so that you can assist families and follow them throughout the funeral process.

By joining our team as a partner or by creating a reef memorial you are not only making a difference, you are allowing the next generation to look forward to more vibrant life on the ocean floor. Through Memorial Reef International you are allowing your loved one to live again. For more information on Memorial Reefs go to .

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