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How To Stay Warm During a Cold-Water Dive

      Divers who are intrigued by the "Polar plunge" or ice dives are willing to push the limits of their bodies to experience the beauty of underwater diving. Beautiful icebergs and macro life make for unique diving experiences. If you anticipate a cold icy dive, take these steps to ensure you don't develop hypothermia,…
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6 Beautiful Locations to SCUBA Dive through the Ice

Have you ever fantasized about diving below the surface of the Arctic Ocean or swimming amongst the icebergs? The open ocean seems vast, mysterious, and dangerous. Diving in Polar regions seems impossible, and the dark waters seem lifeless once macro life has passed through. However, macro life is not the only form that passes through…
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Do you need a SCUBA certification to Freedive ?

Sperm whale and Freediver Freediving immerses you into the underwater world without a tank or scuba gear. Freedivers, such as Marina Kazankova, known for breath-holding, Guillaume Néry from the short film One Breath Around the World, and Herbert Nitsch with the deepest dive depth, are well known by National Geographic and aquatic sports audiences around the…
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How Can I Dive or Swim with the Orcas?

An orca swims below the surface as a ship cuts through the ice nearby.           Diving with sea creatures is the dream of many divers. SCUBA diving enables us to explore reefs and swim through the open ocean with sea creatures. Swimming with dolphins is exciting for many certified divers. Some divers…
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