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We have discussed the Lionfish in all its beauty, and grace.  We even touched on the Lionfish invasion, its origination, its habitat, and even if its edible A Lionfish edible?  Wow!

Next we will talk about the Lionfish sting, to begin you and your buddy diver need to establish a hand signal you both understand indicating you, or your buddy have been stung by a lionfish.

You can reduce the risk of getting stung by wearing puncture resistant dive gloves, and, carry a lionfish containment unit.  Both of these are available thru By the Shore Scuba in Raleigh North Carolina, or most of your local dive shops.

Lionfish are typically non predatory to divers.  Only if they feel threatened or at risk will they sting you.  They have 18 venomous spines that put you at risk.  One or several can penetrate the skin at one time.  And, while their sting is venomous you have a greater risk of serious injury, and/or dying by not following the PADI guidelines for diving.  You could have a lung embolism, or, sustain decompression sickness that puts you at greater risk than receiving a Lionfish sting.

In the event you receive a sting you, and your buddy diver must end the dive immediately.  Follow PADI certification requirements for safe diving procedures.  The Lionfish sting is typically not deadly, but standards must be followed.  The sting of a Lionfish is absolutely very painful, yet the venom from a single spine penetration takes several minutes before it becomes painful to the diver.  This gives you ample time for you and your buddy diver to end the dive and begin your ascent to the surface.

The next steps to trLionFisheatment of a Lionfish sting are as follows:

1.) Control bleeding

2.) Clean and disinfect the wound site

3.) Apply hot water, (as hot as you can tolerate) or, any other source of heat.

4.) Take pain medication.

5.) Seek professional medical treatment to ensure you have no additional health risks.

Now that you have all the information on a Lionfish sting (but were afraid to ask) I wish you safe diving adventures. We will discuss about Lionfish being edible in our next sequel to the Lionfish.  As, always contact By The Shore Scuba Instruction for all the top notch equipment, Caribbean trips, and all dive adventures at www.scubadivingraleigh.com.

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