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Caribbean Reef Sharks: Why Divers Seek these Sharks Out the Most

Diving or snorkeling in the Caribbean is utter bliss. The crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea offer perfect conditions. With mild currents, warm waters, and high visibility, this glassy body of water offer divers and sea lovers an unforgettable experience. These conditions reach an entirely new and exciting level when divers explore the seafloor looking…
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How Can I Dive or Swim with the Orcas?

An orca swims below the surface as a ship cuts through the ice nearby.           Diving with sea creatures is the dream of many divers. SCUBA diving enables us to explore reefs and swim through the open ocean with sea creatures. Swimming with dolphins is exciting for many certified divers. Some divers…
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Exercises That Help Your SCUBA Diving

Scuba exercises SCUBA diving requires training for fitness as well as for safety. The buoyancy control device helps you to sink or float depending on your needs, but you always need to be prepared physically for any situation. SCUBA gear can weigh up to 50+lbs. The tank generally is 32 lbs with 15 lb equipment…
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What SCUBA Classes Should I Take?

Diving Instructor assisting student in open water.  Get ready for unforgettable adventures. For individuals who have always dreamed of SCUBA diving or people looking for a SCUBA career, you may be wondering what SCUBA classes you need to take. Some classes are required upfront while other classes are considered to add on courses. Below are…
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