SCUBA trip to Bonaire staying at Sand Dollar Resort

BONAIRE, CARIBBEAN - MARCH 26, 2017 : Kralendijk waterfront, capital city of Bonaire view from cruise ship in the port. Bonaire is an island of the ABC Caribbean Netherlands.

Are you looking for somewhere a little less busy, yet equally beautiful to visit? Currently Bonaire is reopening its incoming visitors from outside it’s island, Aruba, Curacao, St. Eustatius, and Saba. As soon as visitors from the USA is allowed into Aruba, Bonaire will be open to them as well. If you are preparing for a post Covid-19 trip, please ensure you keep our Sand Dollar Bonaire virus-free by coming up with plans to travel safely and social distance beforehand. A point of interest for most visitors headed to Bonaire is the luxurious yet serene Sand Dollar Resort.

With a traditional beach feel, the resort offers plenty of Scuba Diving options for those looking to make the most out of their trip. Sand Dollar Bonaire may be somewhat remote, but it is a perfect getaway for some of the world’s richest individuals. Even with this reputation, Bonaire is reasonable starting at $155 a night. They also include an array of accommodations for divers.

Bonaire is a hidden jewel in the Caribbean tucked among the Leeward Antilles. Influenced by the Dutch and claimed beforehand by Alonso de Ojeda and Amerigo Vespucci for Spain, Bonaire is currently influenced by the Dutch. Bonaire is rich in native roots and African influence. You can see diversity in the faces of the people, and in the sound of the music. Even though the Dutch influence the island currently you can still hear the Spanish and African influence in their beautiful music. Polka, Waltz, Mazurka are popular European dances in Bonaire. There is also Rumba, Merengue, and Joropo from other parts of the Caribbean and Latin America. “Baile di Sinta” is a special local dance complete with a maypole. Plenty of seasonal festivals makes Bonaire quaint, yet lively throughout the year. The architecture is bright with Caribbean colors, and beautifully structured like the traditional homes of the Netherlands. The rooftops hint to the Spanish with terracotta clay tiles stacked like Mission revival styles from Spain. No question Bonaire is the perfect destination to escape to.

However, lively Bonaire culture is, its natural scene is brighter. With direct access to the water from the resort, you can easily walk to edge and start to see reefs emerge from this seemingly tranquil water. Voted #1 in the Islands magazine’s Editor’s Picks for snorkeling in the Caribbean, it made one of the top ten places to snorkel in the world by the Caribbean Journal. The surrounding seas hold 469 species of fish. The Bari Reef begins not far from the shoreline. This hidden reef is within the Sand Dollar Condo Village. If you are looking for wonderful photos, Bonaire ranks highly for underwater visibility. Larger sea life such as the manta rays, dolphins, and sea turtles are easily found near the Bari reef. The clear waters make it easy to stay safe as well. With a depth of over 130 feet, divers can suspend above eerily large tarpon fish, spotted eel, and eagle rays. The size of large tarpon can easily make the diver feel like he is gliding above a predator the size of the canoe. These fish are easily intimidated by divers, but should not be bothered as they can be defensive. Divers can see an abundance of Sea sponges, reefs, and crustaceans as well making it more than just schools of fish.

If you are enticed by this naturally radiant resort, plan your trip to Sand Dollar Bonaire. The cottage like scenery, and oceanic splendor will make your trip truly unique. If you do decide to go hook up with By The Shore Scuba Instruction. Hopefully, with the islands reopening we will be able to form a group travel somewhere in the near future. If you are still new to SCUBA diving or you need to brush up on your skills drop by and talk with our instructors. We really like Sand Dollar Bonaire resort, and hope you will too.

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