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Roatan Butterfly Garden

The is this serene escape. Full of wildlife, the Roatan Butterfly Garden is home to boa constrictors, parrots, lush tropical plants and, of course, the beautiful butterfly. Let the tame deer lick your hand, feed some toucans, and have your guide show you around the grounds as you’ll get an experience here like no other.…
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Hawaii Diving

  Explore Hawaii below the surface.  Diving enthusiasts can embark on a new and exciting perspective of our 50th state.  I recommend five diving companies.  Each brings a unique touch to diving. Bubbles Below – PADI – on Kauai Island offers a fun and educational excursion for the entire diving family.  Imagine learning of the…
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SCUBA Questions

A few questions people have asked about Scuba and the answers: What does it take to be able to go underwater and see cool stuff? A.You need to have a willingness to have fun and be comfortable in the water. Be in medically fit shape. Stay healthy, Eat food low in staturaded fat, don’t drink…
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Basic Tank Values for SCUBA from By The Shore SCUBA instruction

Scuba Tank Valve Types Different types of air tank valves have been employed in the scuba industry over the years. Thanks to a chap named Jacques Cousteau, the advent of the self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, or scuba as it’s commonly known, helped create a boom in the recreational diving industry. Arguably one of the most…
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