SCUBA Diving in Grand Cayman Islands

Kevin Alexander in Cayman November

I just finished a great weekend of diving in Grand Cayman. I have dived both sides of the island with Red Sail Sports. I met a peer he from Fayetteville NC (Travis). I dove on the 2 dives on West side and 4 dives on the east side. I am here working on a Cayman work visa which has been a real experience. One of the best boats I dove on was the Leatherneck. Where I meet the captain/dive master Stuart. He gives one of the best dive briefings I have seen in a long while. Red Sail Sports has been a great experience. I will have to bring a group back here in the future. The best diving that I have experienced has been on the East side of the Island. Deep walls with drop offs to 20,000 feet. However you are a 40 min drive from downtown Georgetown. Can you believe that on an island you could have a 40 min drive anywhere but it is true!

pirates week 2011 tshirtIt just so happens, that it was pirate’s week here. With the last day of the week the island sponsored a parade. This of course went with dressing up in very elaborate costumes as a wench’s and blokes was really cool. The parade started on Saturday afternoon and went on for about 2 hours of t-shirts being thrown into the crowd as well as beads and other cool things. I meet a couple that comes every year and they bring one suitcase for clothes and one for the pirate garb.

I kept wondering why I was getting honked at all of the time but that appears to be the way the bus drivers are asking if you need a ride. I had to learn how the bus system works, but for 2 dollars CI I could go anywhere. Other things to do on the Island would be to go to the turtle farm which was set in place to preserve the turtles and bring the awareness to preservation. I would recommend going to Cayman the week of Pirates Week!

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