Scuba Diving in Galápagos Islands

Galápagos scuba

The Galápagos are some of the most ecologically diverse islands in the Western Hemisphere. These islands are known for attracting biologists and scientists of all nationalities because of the immense amount of endemic wildlife and organisms they contain that are unique to the region. With all the diversity they contain on land you can imagine how diverse the surrounding waters are. The Galápagos are influenced by currents from three different regions. It brings penguins and animals from Antarctica as well as creatures of the Equatorial current and North equatorial current. If you interested in biodiversity and organisms that uniquely originated in their current habitat then scuba diving in Galápagos is for you. Before your embarkment you will need to consider how to charter your excursion, and the different scuba destinations you can experience throughout the Galápagos.

The Galápagos are not a common vacation spot for people looking to relax, but they are a perfect exploration destination. Here are tips for your charter. Look for a local Scuba company or charter company near you. By the Shore Scuba will offer charters from time to time for a variety of excursions. You can speak your instructor beforehand.

  • Keep your eyes open for announcements for charters to the Galápagos. Going with a group makes things easier than trying to search for your own charter.
  • You may choose to get to Galápagos Islands and then book a small local charter. You will need to remember there are no direct flights. The best way is to fly to a large city like Quito or Guayaquil. Then it is best to connect through Baltra Island. Once you get to Baltra Island you will have to pay around $100 American dollars to enter the Island.
  • If you simply want to dive there are different small cruises that offer scuba diving in the Galápagos. Make sure to check all certification requirements for the ship’s diving program. Check the country of origin that the ship leaves from so you can prepare your visa and paperwork. Galápagos cruises can originate come your country of origin or Ecuador, but also check other countries.
  • Different resorts in the Galapagos offer diving packages.
  • Some of the best Islands you can dive from include Santa Cruz Island and San Cristobel. Be sure to take these in.

What makes scuba diving in the Galápagos unique is that the island is surrounded by some of the oldest original inhabitants as well as a variety of species from the different currents. The Galapagos have been said to never have been connected to the mainland.

  • Tijeretas Hill in San Cristobel is one of the most beautiful animals filled areas in the Galápagos waters. There are iguanas, tropical fish and
    sea lions. It’s a small tropical sea cove that is intimate and full of life.
  • Daphne Minor is a good beginner’s area off Santa Cruz. You will also enjoy this area if you are experienced as it is filled with caverns full of reef sharks and manta rays. Of course, it is best to stay with a large experienced group.
  • Shark Point is not as blood thirsty as it sounds because the sharks there are whale sharks; however, due to hard currents, surges, and limited visibility this dive is only recommended for advanced divers.
  • Looking for an easy drift dive, and a nice swim with the sea turtles? Then Whale Rock is your best bet. The water is cool, and the visibility is
  • Gordon Rocks offers experienced divers an amazing array of hammerhead sharks, sea turtles, eagle rays, sea lions, and lots of other large sea creatures. You will experience the prehistoric depths of a volcanic crater which brings you closer to a world Darwin could have only dreamed of diving in.

Lots of preparations and brainstorming will be needed when charting course to the Galápagos, and you will need to prepare for the travel costs throughout the Galápagos as well as how you will get there. Think about what you really want from your diving trip and remember to keep posted with By the Shore Scuba Instruction to see if they are offering any diving trips to the Galapagos.  CaLL By The Shore SCUBA  at 919-247-0356

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