If you have one of our Momentum Watches How to Set it for Time Change

If you have one of our momentum watched here is how to set it for the Time change

Your watch is equipped with a screw-down, locking crown “C”. This screws into the case, to ensure a reliable water tight seal. ALWAYS screw in the crown after setting the time/date - check it before exposing the watch to the water/moisture. To set your watch, you must first unscrew the crown by turning it counter-clockwise 3-4 turns, then pull out gently from the case for setting. After setting or resetting the watch, you will need to screw the crown back in, by pressing it firmly against the case (it is spring-loaded) and simultaneously turning it in a clockwise direction. Then, taking care not
to force or cross-thread the crown, turn it until it is snug against the case and finger-tight. It is absolutely essential that the screw down crown is fully closed before using your watch in or around water and we recommend that this is checked prior to contact with water. Any warranty what s ever will be invalidated if this vital procedure is not adhered to. Watches returned within the warranty period that have suffered from water penetration will be pressure tested to check watch picturethe effectiveness of the screw down crown.
To set the watch, first unscrew the crown to the neutral position (1). Now, pull the crown out all the way to the TIME Setting position (3). Turn the hands forward until the date in the date window changes - this is midnight. Continue to turn the hands forward until the correct time is displayed.
(NOTE: If setting the watch in the afternoon, you must turn the hands forward at least 12 hours, otherwise, the date will change at noon, not midnight.) To set the date, push the crown in one stop to position 2. Turn counter-clockwise (or clockwise depending on the model) until today’s date shows in the date window. It is recommended not to set the date after 9PM or before 5AM, as this could result in the date not changing correctly. Finally,always remember to press in the crown and screw it firmly into the case after setting.
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