Hawaii Diving


Explore Hawaii below the surface.  Diving enthusiasts can embark on a new and exciting perspective of our 50th state.  I recommend five diving companies.  Each brings a unique touch to diving.

Bubbles Below – PADI – on Kauai Island offers a fun and educational excursion for the entire diving family.  Imagine learning of the endemic species with your children.  Bubbles Below is both educational and exciting.  Your family can enjoy a new adventure that will become a tradition.

Niihau, The Forbidden Island, is home to Seasport Divers.  Experienced divers not only appreciate the amazing shop and beautiful boat, the dives are inspirational.  Seasport Divers is best known for their great dives.  New and seasoned divers are never disappointed.

On the Big Island you will find three diving companies that will challenge and enhance your diving skills.

Neptune Charley’s Manta Dive – PADI – plays host to the famous Manta Night Dive.  You’ve dreamed of making this dive.  Neptune Charley’s Manta Dive will make that dream come true.  Dive with this great group and live your dream.

After browsing the fantastic dive shop at Jack’s Diving Locker – PADI – you will want to join this friendly group to the middle of the ocean for The Pelagic Magic Night Dive.  This dive promises to fill all your senses.  You can be tethered to the boat to experience this magical dive.

Big Island Divers – PADI – provides an excellent dive shop.  They also bring you the opportunity to enjoy gorgeous day dives in the beautiful waters surrounding the Big Island.

Hawaii is a land of beauty and tranquility.  These five dive companies are prepared to show you the beauty and tranquility that is below the surface.

If you wish to learn more about our trip please go to https://www.scubadivingraleigh.com for the details or call us at 919-247-0356 or email us at scubainfo@scubadivingraleigh.com

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