Does your Scuba Certification ever Expire?

Diving instructor and students. Instructor teaches students to dive.

Does your Scuba Certification ever Expire? Basic PADI scuba certifications for open water dives are given by scuba instructors such as By The Shore Scuba Instruction where you are enrolled in a scuba instruction course and you learn all the important modules to turn Scuba dives into a lifelong skill or potentially a career. The instructions in these classes are in depth and give you the full picture of what you will need. Courses included in a resort stay or special vacation package usually are Discover Scuba certifications. Make sure you inquire about your certification around the time you start or finish your vacation so you can make the appropriate choices regarding the future of your certification.

If you are wondering if you should brush up on your certification or retake it here are some things to consider:

  • How long have you been out of the water? If you have not been scuba diving for a few years, it might be time to retrain with a PADI instructor. By the Shore Scuba
    Instruction offers a refresher course and recommends it if you have not been diving for 6 months or more. If you feel confident in your skills, you can try on and test the current equipment in an available pool.
  • Make sure you test out how you feel in your buoyancy control device, wet-suit, and other equipment. Even if you went on an excursion recently, it is wise to test out
    your equipment. Make sure you feel comfortable wearing it in the water.
  • If you took a junior certification and were under the age of 15, you do not need to take an additional class.  You can contact PADI or By The Shore Scuba Instruction to issue a new card.  There will be a charge for this.  Or you can take another class with us like Advanced Open Water.  Then you can use the new Certification Card when you go diving.  Or lastly, you can just use your existing junior card and show identification that you are over 15 years old.
  • Even with a complete PADI open water certification, you will probably still want to add on other skills if you plan to dive in caverns, dive as enriched nitrox diver, night dive or wreck dive there are different courses offered for those and many other areas of specialty.

You have been away from the water for some time and would like to get back in the water. Refresh your course first and then keep these other points in mind.

  • If you have been away from the water for some time. Test the waters and scuba gear so you can see how your body feels. You may find that you feel different in the water. Consult your physician with any concerns.
  • Run your equipment by a PADI instructor to ensure it is properly working. Trying on your equipment is a great idea, but a professional instructor may be able to check out the condition of your equipment.
  • Ensure you are staying in shape even if the doctor clears you. Consider that training in a pool is different from the long amount of time or water tension you will
    endure in open water. Keep up with swimming. Stay around swimming 200 feet total in laps. That is ideal for open water diving.
  • If you are traveling abroad SSI and PADI certifications are interchangeable. All diving organizations worldwide accept PADI.

Even though your basic open water PADI certification does not expire, you can still add modules on. Regular training and refreshing will keep your diving skills sharp and your body able to adapt to the different water pressures. If you are traveling to a new destination in the water, check the dives out and plan your courses accordingly. If you are not sure you are ready to commit to an official PADI open water course, trying a discover course is a great way to see if diving is for you. By the Shore Scuba Instruction can help you find what modules are needed for your dive.

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