SCUBA Questions

Water View of the Arch. Every Seven years you can walk to itA few questions people have asked about Scuba and the answers:

  1. What does it take to be able to go underwater and see cool stuff?

A.You need to have a willingness to have fun and be comfortable in the water. Be in medically fit shape. Stay healthy, Eat food low in staturaded fat, don’t drink and dive and you will have experiences in the underwater world will give you a life long list of unforgettable experiences.

  1. What are the basic instructional requirements? How do I know I am getting good and safe instruction? What does it cost?A. A beginning student should be comfortable in the water and have a desire to learn. For students that are a little apprehensive, PADI allows the swimming requirement to be done with mask snorkel and Finks. The Basic cost of the class is currently $300.00. Other costs are for your mask snorkel and fins which vary in costs
  2. If there is a certification what are the levels? How long does the certification last?A Yes the beginning level is Open water and progresses to all levels thru instructor.  I recommend that you go thru at least Rescue level this allows you to help yourself and others in the rare occasions that someone gets into a stressful situation. The basic open water class can be complete in a 3 week format with a weekend for the open water experience.  This can also be done in a weekend format as well.
  3. As a new student should I buy the equipment or rent it? If I can rent it where do I get it and how do I make sure it will work right for me? What does it cost?A. As a new student I would buy my mask snorkel and fins which I consider personal equipment. The life support equipment I would rent for a while unless you fall in love with the sport like I did.
    The cost is in the range of 800 – `1200 dollars.  This is for good entry level basic equipment. Keep in mind that all equipments safe. You however should pick your equipment for the ease of breathing.
  4. How do I keep scuba safe for me and my family?A. To keep scuba safe you will need to dive with a good PADI instructor and follow the rules set forth in the open water class. This will lead to many fun family vacations and good times for years to come.
  5. Where are some near places to dive for beginners?A. local dive quarries are a great place to go.  In the Raleigh area Fantasy Lake is a great place to keep your SCUBA skills current.
  6. Where are GREAT places to go to dive?A. My favorite place is Cozumel Mexico diving is good and it is priced reasonable.


  1. What about instruction, do you offer that and how do I find out about it?
  1. Yes,we offer instructor from Open water thru Assistant instructor. You can find out more by calling By The Shore SCUBA at 919-247-0356.
  2. What about guided trips, do you offer then and how do I find out about it?A. We offer instructor lead dive trips and you can find out about our trips at or for a custom trip or you don’t see your destination listed call us at 919-247-0356.
  1. How can I reach you?A. You can call me direct at 919-247-0356 or email me at, I offer training in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill areas and special classes on-site around the world. Our group trips involve from 10 to 16 people including special events such as underwater marriages.

– Kevin Alexander PADI Master Instructor #22356 – call us at 919-247-0356 or
email us at

See all at http:/ or check us out on facebook at @bytheshorescubainstruction

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