Roatan Butterfly Garden

128953_Destination_Roatan_Butterfly Garden_B_Roatan_Butterfly_iStock_000009822259XSmall The is this serene escape. Full of wildlife, the Roatan Butterfly Garden is home to boa constrictors, parrots, lush tropical plants and, of course, the beautiful butterfly. Let the tame deer lick your hand, feed some toucans, and have your guide show you around the grounds as you’ll get an experience here like no other.
Practical Info:
The Roatan Butterfly Garden is located just before the entrance to West End along the southern side of the main road. The Butterfly Garden is open daily from 9-5 and closed Saturdays. Tickets are $7 adults, $5 children (10 and under).

For the folks going to Roatan with us . If you not and want to go give us a call at 919-247-0356 for details. names are due next week.
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