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Scuba Diving in Galápagos Islands

The Galápagos are some of the most ecologically diverse islands in the Western Hemisphere. These islands are known for attracting biologists and scientists of all nationalities because of the immense amount of endemic wildlife and organisms they contain that are unique to the region. With all the diversity they contain on land you can imagine…
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What is a Lion Fish

Red Lion Fish If you've never had the opportunity to be down under (literally), you truly need to know what you've been missing.While there are many possibilities the one I would like to tell you about is the Lion Fish.  The Lion Fish's Origin was the Indo Pacific where they were considered native to the…
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Hawaii Diving

  Explore Hawaii below the surface.  Diving enthusiasts can embark on a new and exciting perspective of our 50th state.  I recommend five diving companies.  Each brings a unique touch to diving. Bubbles Below – PADI – on Kauai Island offers a fun and educational excursion for the entire diving family.  Imagine learning of the…
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SCUBA Diving in Grand Cayman Islands

I just finished a great weekend of diving in Grand Cayman. I have dived both sides of the island with Red Sail Sports. I met a peer he from Fayetteville NC (Travis). I dove on the 2 dives on West side and 4 dives on the east side. I am here working on a Cayman…
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