Why You Need a Perdix 2 Dive Computer from Shearwater

The Perdix 2 dive computer, a cutting-edge computer with attachable components, sleek design, and reliable strength, is a must for the serious diver. The diving community trusts Shearwater products because of their numerous awards and certifications, such as their Teric lithium Battery certification and their Eurotek 2014 award for innovation. The dive watch company has gained notoriety among marine biologists. The safety certifications are not the only appealing factors to the Perdix 2. Its pristine appearance, which includes reliable titanium framing, adds to its distinction. If you have $1400, you can invest in a reliable, cutting-edge dive watch (one that will see you through a professional-level deep water dive); look no further. Here is why you need a Perdix 2 dive computer from Shearwater.


What makes the Perdix 2 sturdy, reliable, and resilient are the materials used to make it. With titanium, the armored casing surrounds the bezel. This strength enables the bezel to stay intact and give accurate oxygen readings. The piezo touch buttons are titanium which protects the integrity of the electrical makeup of the computer. The screen is made from aluminosilicate, meaning its high alkali for strength. Aluminosilicate glass can withstand temperatures of 375°C (707°F), making this an intensely reliable watch. 

Multiple Diving Modes

The multiple diving modes of the Perdix 2 mean that you don't have to upload or change software, buy a special attachment, or purchase another watch. The diving modes included are a gas nitrox mode, an OC technical dive mode, closed circuit/bailout, and gauge modes. The nitrox gas mode allows optimization between these three modes: air, nitrox, and three gas nx. The OC technical mode allows the air to integrate optionally. Closed circuit and bailout modes keep PO2 at a constant, which lowers your risk of hypoxia, but the bailout gas mode allows the free flow of oxygen in case your body craves more oxygen. The gauge modes display the pressure of your tanks, depth, and time, and this mode offers a complete diving log. Ask your dive instructor which mode selection works best for you. 

Additional Information

Along with its multiple diving modes and state-of-the-art materials, the Perdix 2 gives off warning vibrations to alert you to potential dangers and changes in your air system. It has Bluetooth wireless technology and Cloud control available in 13 different languages. Cloud control lets you download and display dive logs quickly onto any device. The Perdix 2 offers more than most dive computers. Change modes with care. Consulting an experienced PADI instructor will ensure that you safely program your watch for the best oxygen optimization. By The Shore SCUBA Instruction offers PADI instruction certification and Nitrox courses. If you purchase a Perdix 2, meet with our instructor Kevin Alexander to learn how to use it safely. We can also help you service other Shearwater equipment.*

*Disclaimer- By the Shore SCUBA Instruction does not guarantee your safety while using a Perdix 2. SCUBA lessons and speaking with a PADI instructor are the best way to ensure your safety. By the Shore SCUBA Instruction cannot guarantee your safety on any dive since all dives come with some reasonable risk. 

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