What SCUBA Gear Should I Buy First?

SCUBA Equipment
SCUBA Diving Equipment

You are interested in taking Scuba diving lessons, but where do you start? Let’s first start by saying if you are reading this article you are probably considering By the Shore SCUBA Instruction.

Next, you are probably ready to buy your scuba equipment. For a basic PADI open water diver course you will start with the basics. To start your class, you will at the very least need the following:

  • diving masks
  • snorkel
  • fins
  • regulator
  • buoyancy control device
  • diving tank

There may be additional equipment needed if you are certifying to be a night diver, or other specialty diver.

There is a lot of products on the market, but you do not want to waste your money on equipment that will not work for you, your excursions or your instructors’ requirements. By The Shore Scuba Instruction offers wet suits for men, women and children. Online retailers such as LeisurePro, Amazon, Simply Scuba and Diver’s Direct offer a variety of different brands on the internet that are high quality with no manufactures warranty

If you are starting out here are some ideal choices for your classes and first scuba dive.

  • Buoyancy control devices enable you to control how much you float or submerge below the water’s surface. DiveRite, Xcess Scuba, Hog Scuba start are basic devices that are affordable and recommended for beginners.
  • The Xcess Scuba and Sherwood are ideal buoyancy control devices for women that find regular devices float to the surface to easily. They are designed specifically with women in mind who are looking for something less buoyant and want the device to fit their unique body shapes.
  • Xcess scuba-VU mask is ideal for beginners who need a basic mask to discover what the best fit is for their face. They are inexpensive on Amazon and have positive ratings. Keep in mind you are looking for a Scuba mask and not a snorkel mask which is not high quality.
  • For snorkels look for something with an adjustable mouthpiece so that you can accommodate your unique bite and grow accustomed to what works best. Tilos has booth replaceable mouthpiece while and angled mouthpiece for a variety of mouth shapes.
  • As far as brands are concerned for fins, Tilos Saber requires minimal effort and adjustable straps which is ideal if you are unsure how your foot will fit into the fin. Once you figure out what your feet need in a fin consider how wide or narrow your foot is, how much muscle you can use to propel forward and how big your foot is in scuba gear.
  • Regulators such are ideal for beginners as they are inexpensive and have high ratings. It is important that you start out with a high-quality regulator so that you do not waste money.
  • For dive tanks you probably want a supplier close by with a reputable rating and business to prevent shipping costs or damage to the tank. By the Shore SCUBA Instruction being in Raleigh. They will be able to refill your SCUBA tanks and do the visual and Hydro Inspections.

If you are interested in other areas of diving such as cavern diving or deep-water diving, ask your instructor what type of equipment they would recommend for your more advanced dives. More personal items such as fins, buoyancy control devices, snorkels, and diving masks consider online sources where you can narrow your search results down. For more basic equipment like tanks, regulators and dry suits talk to local businesses. Wet suits and drysuits can be tried on before purchase. Make sure to try on your equipment far ahead of your excursions and be sure to purchase items that you can easily return if they don’t work or fit. If you have more in-depth questions about your different scuba classes ask Kevin Alexander of By The Shore Scuba Instruction to make recommendations or offer advice on searching for equipment.

Call us to get fitted with the correct SCUBA Gear. By The Shore SCUBA (919) 247-0356

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