Your Unforgettable Excursion to the Florida Keys

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If you live in the United States or Northern Hemisphere, consider the Florida Keys your next diving destination. Located in the Subtropics, this diving paradise is in touch with mildly tropical maritime waters and experiences tides from the Gulf Coast and storm fronts from the Caribbean, making it on alert for any oncoming hurricanes. Locations throughout the Caribbean are highly sought after by SCUBA divers and vacationers alike, but there are benefits to diving in the Florida Keys. These are the reasons you should consider the Florida Keys as your next diving destination. 

Affordability for Mainlanders

If you live in the United States, the affordability of the Florida Keys makes it a great location to start your SCUBA excursions. Numerous boat charter companies are in the Florida Keys, making prices competitive. The affordability of charting boats makes it all the easier to get a dive crew together. The hotels in the Florida Keys are available through Priceline, saving you money upfront. All you need to do is fly to the Orlando or Miami airport and rent a car to drive onto the islands. No cruise required or passport is required.*

Reliable Charters 

Since charter companies for boats are competitive, you can be sure that most recommended companies are safe and reliable. The diving community in the Florida Keys is a large part of the local economy, meaning charter companies must be on top of their safety game and obtain proper certifications. Booking a hotel in the Keys may also come with excursion packages as many of these companies partner up. 

Gear Rentals

For individuals looking for a quick and convenient getaway, you may choose to rent equipment in the Keys rather than try to drag your own through the airport. There are numerous affordable gear rentals throughout the islands. The Keys residents know people forget their masks and fins, so they have you covered in case of a dive emergency. You won't be stranded without oxygen tanks here, and it's probably better you rent your tanks once you get on the island, especially if you are traveling in a large group. With all the sights to see, you may want to leave the heavy-duty artillery at home.

Numerous Islands

The Florida Keys are not just one island or ecosystem. Key Largo, Islamorada, Duck Key, Marathon, Big Pine Key, and Key West are the main islands in this archipelago. Still, there are so many smaller surrounding areas that require a boat charter. Each island is known for its unique ecosystem inside and outside the water. Big Pine Key is known for the protected Key Deer making this tiny ecosystem even more precious than expected. Check out the main sights, and then chart the lesser-known areas as you go. 

Historical Dive Sights 

With a slew of islands, there are some beautiful "key" areas to check out on your next diving trip. For history lovers, dive sights such as the Christ of the Abyss statue in Key Largo, Thunderbolt cable, or the USS Wilkes-Barre military cruisers offer viewers impressive history experiences. Italy gifted Christ of the Abyss to the United States after the third casting of the Il Cristo Degli Abissi statue. It was purposefully placed 25 feet under the sea in 1965. The FP and L the Thunderbolt cable intentionally into the waters to grab diver intention in 1986. While these intriguing historical dives are well-known, lesser-known artifacts include the estimated 1,000 shipwrecks in the Florida Keys available through the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

Beautiful Underwater Ecosystems

The Florida Keys are known for their beautiful underwater ecosystems. The best time to visit these locations is during the Spring or Summer when the sun is bright and out. The tropical sunlight opens up more visibility. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park offers so much natural beauty. Listed as the top choice by numerous sources, the lush towering corals were protected and cultivated for a beautiful dive experience. This sea sanctuary protects a host of marine communities allowing viewers an unforgettable view of the marine wildlife. If you are looking for a less controlled environment Islamadora is known for gorgeous reefs, and Big Pine Keys and Lower Keys are lesser-known protected underwater ecosystems. 

Local Shopping and Cuisine

Along with being able small charters or luxury yachts, the Florida Keys offer a beautiful array of local shopping and unique cuisine. Kermit's Key Lime Pie Shop on the Key's well-known Duval Street boasts the best key lime pie in Florida's Key West declared by Food Network. Fill up on that after your next dive, or try the ever-abundant conch dishes, such as some conch chowder at a top keys restaurant. Louie's Backyard offers Bahamian Conch Chowder and famous Caribbean-American cuisine. It's only a stop short of the actual Bahamas. Stroll down beautiful, brightly colored tropical coastal homes or the quaint historic conch cottages. The Key West Historic District is home to the Hemmingway Home, Trolley Tours, Cuban Coffee Queen, and Bahama village. Not far away is the Key West Nature Preserve. Indulge in scenic photo ops and a walkthrough of Florida's tropical paradise. 

A Great Getaway 

Making memories doesn't have to be complicated or cost too much money. The availability of different hotels ranges throughout the season. Luxury resorts, Air BNBs, or hotels on Priceline give visitors options; check out the Tranquility Bay Beachfront Resort or the more affordable Isla Bella Beach Resort. The Pelican Key Largo Cottages start at $200, a steal on the island. Book in advance to ensure you have a place to stay and try to avoid major holidays, Spring Break, or the end of Summer. Early Fall (Post Labor Day) will still offer you the warm, clear waters of the Gulf without too many tourists. Visit By the Shore SCUBA Instruction for Chartered Dive Trips and your PADI certification. Be sure to check weather reports and chart your unforgettable excursion to the Florida Keys. 



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