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10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Water on this Planet

Make Responsible Seafood Choices Take Action Over-fishing leads to species declines while harmful fishing practices damage and pollute underwater ecosystems. You play a critical role as a consumer. If seafood is part of your meal selection, ensure you’re choosing sustainable sourced species and encourage others, including restaurants and shop owners, to do the same. Scuba…
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SCUBA Diving in Grand Cayman Islands

I just finished a great weekend of diving in Grand Cayman. I have dived both sides of the island with Red Sail Sports. I met a peer he from Fayetteville NC (Travis). I dove on the 2 dives on West side and 4 dives on the east side. I am here working on a Cayman…
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Cozumel Dive Trip with Drone View

The Video from the Drone in Cozumel Mexico. This is the last Group Trip. Come Dive with us on the next one and get in on the Fun. Some of things we saw were lots of Turtles, Large Nurse sharks, Big Lobsters, My Favorite is the arrow crab which looks like it is smiling all…
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Turtle Cozumel Mexico

Check out this turtle nice size swimming along. We saw several of this on this Trip to Cozumel Mexico. Come learn to dive with us in and go to the many locations we run SCUBA trips. This was taken with a a go pro 4 camera at about 50 feet.
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